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“I need 3000 dollars right now!” What would you do if there was a $3,000 dollar bill that was weighing on your shoulders and you needed to come up with $3,000 cash quickly? There are times in our lives when most people experience this and when that time comes, you just can’t sit there and hope that a 3,000 dollar check would fall from the sky. Coming up with an emergency source of cash, especially $3,000, is never the easiest thing in the world.

First things first, the only way you can do this is through borrowing money. The problem is: where? Say, for example, you have a bad credit but you have collateral and cosigner; or you may or may not have other lending requirements but you have a job – what’s the best place to go to and should you tackle the task of taking out a loan ? We’ll answer that systematically so you better take down notes as we go along.

Try your closest friends and family first!

If you need 3000 dollars fast and don’t know where to go when you are trapped in a situation like this, the first people that you should go to are your family or your boss. This will the people who will say a word or two about how you mismanage your budget (well, others may not) but they are also the fastest source of unsecured loans. The problem is that some people would rather go to lenders instead of suffering the embarrassment of borrowing from a person they know.

Payday loans

If you have a job that pays well then you can go to a payday lender. However, if you need help with payday loans, we have a complete guide for you and all you have to do is follow the link. Now back to payday loans. It is designed to be paid at the next salary schedule so it would be easy for you to pay back a short-term loan such as this. This type of loan can be taken out with bad credits or no collateral. Some bad credit instant decision loans in the form of payday loans may even let you know if you are eligible in an hour or two!

Saving a business?

Let’s assume that you are almost going bankrupt and that you need a fast way to solve that. Although taking out SBA loans may take you long and that it may seem a long shot from being fast, you can still apply for a refinance loan at some credit institution if you have collateral. Secured loans are quickly approved compared to unsecured loan form a bank or, like what we said, a private funding institution. However, it may be worth the try if that business is really important to you.

Internet loans

If I quickly found out that I need 3000 dollars fast, I would consider looking up some online loans sites. There are two major forms of internet loans – one is the common online payday loans and the other is the peer-to-peer loan. Just so you know, the interest rate and charges of these loans are higher than your average loan. When you plan to get an online loan, do not confuse it with pay-per-registration sites such as Project Payday. These are not the sites where you can get a loan from.

There are limitless ways to come up with money if you need 3000 or even if you need $5,000 right away. The key is to plan out your strategy, execute it smartly, and pay back what you have borrowed on time so you can stay away from the accrued interest payments so you don’t hurt your finances all the more. For more helpful stuff about loans, you can browse and read quick solutions to any loan problems that you have.