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If you need a $25000 personal loan, chances are good that you’re looking to make some type of big purchase like a car or something equally expensive. Regardless of your reasons for needing the money, your chances of getting approval for a loan of this amount are best if you have a good credit score. MSN Money reports that applying for any type of loan, including a large one, could hurt your credit if you already have a lot of other loans to pay on, so think about that before borrowing the money. Here are some tips for loan approval if you are thinking of borrowing this much money:

Put Up Collateral

The bank will be more likely to provide a relatively low cost personal loan for this amount if you offer up some form of collateral even if you already have good credit. Anything you own of value will do, but it’s important that you own the items free and clear. Your home, your car, or anything else you have that is worth a substantial amount of money can be used to secure your loan.

Get a Cosigner

Even if you have good credit, it might help to have a person willing to sign with you on a $25000 personal loan. It might not be necessary, but if the bank is leaning toward not lending you the money, it is something to consider. According to, your ability to pay or not pay back the loan will directly affect your cosigner’s credit score. A person who knows you will pay might be more likely to agree to cosign if they think it would benefit their credit score.

Avoid Untrustworthy Lenders

If the bank won’t give you a personal loan for $25,000, there will probably be lots of shady lenders out there who will offer to loan you the money. Borrowing money from these lenders is often risky business, particularly if they are advertising loans for this amount in the form of online signature loans. There are also some lenders who will ask for a large fee before loaning you the money, and this is always a big red flag that you are dealing with a fraudulent company.