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If you are a retired or unemployed veteran interested in starting up your own business, access to funds for such a venture may be hard to come by. Many veterans who are retired receive pension checks every month, and the majority of financial institutions are not willing to consider pensions as a reliable form of income. So, what do you do if you are a veteran who wants to start up a business with no clue as to getting financing? Consider getting a veteran business loan.

What do I do

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Short Term Business Loans

On April 13, 2011 By

Short term business loans are dependent on the repay capability of your business and your credit history and quotes will vary according to different lenders. Search the market as long as the quote is obligation free and will not affect your credit rating and as always check with the Better Business Bureau your lender and research them through the internet, business networks and friends.

A short term business loan can stretch from 1 to 15 years although credit lenders are more likely to give shorter term loans to new businesses …

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On the 27th of September 2010, President-elect Barack Obama signed a legislative order for SBA loans, dubbed as the Small Business Jobs Act which provides that an additional amount of $505 million dollars should be added to the Small Business Administration so that it could fund $14 billion more to the small businesses that need it. However, due to the vast number that applied for it, the fund is nearing exhaustion and only a few applicants in the loan queue gets approved lately.

If you are planning of putting …

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