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Cash loans for people with terrible credit are not necessarily difficult to come by. A payday loan can give you from $50-5000 available in your account the same or next day, as long as you have a job usually with an income of more than $1000 a month and have a bank account of at least three or six months to which they can pay the funds. A credit check is not necessary. Payday loan debt assistance loans are often unsecured so the interest rate paid on them is going to be high, and APR can go up to 1845%.

Short term business loans in contrast are granted by the bank. They are dependent on checking your credit rating history since they are mostly unsecured. You may want a loan for example because you are in retail and the amount you have to pay for buying in products turns-over quicker than the profits you make from sales. Shorter term loans are less risky than longer term ones, but most banks will offer you from 90-120 days to three years. If lending money to pay for an inventory or whilst waiting for customer’s invoices to be paid you will have to pay off the money as soon as the inventory is sold and customers pay their invoices.

This is what sometimes makes business owners gravitate more to a payday loan than a short term business loan. The amount of documents you need to show a bank for a business loan are many, including balance sheets, cash flow history and credit files. With a payday loan all you have to do is fill in a short online form with your name, address, residential proof, mobile number, type of business, account number and current salary.

There is some warning that must go along with recommending pay day loans, however. According to the US Financial Times about $48 Billion is made from payday loans every year and 112 Million loans are made annually. Of these made most are to those who earn under $50,000 a year and many will ‘get trapped on a debt treadmill’ according to Cathleen Day who represents the Center for Responsible Lending.