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Unemployment presents a lot of problems. Having no salary and having no money to afford things is never pleasant. Being unemployed is a downright nightmare. There is always the lingering question of where to find money for basic necessities, such as food and electricity. A lot of people fear unemployment, and rightfully so. Unemployment is indeed a very difficult situation, as well as as a setback that individuals have to work through. There are loans for the unemployed available that people can apply for as they look for jobs. These loans can help people without jobs get by while they look for work.

Types of Loans for Unemployed Individuals
Before taking out any unemployment loans, it’s best to understand the different types of unemployed loans first.

Secured Loans
These are some of the most successful cash loans for unemployed individuals. To qualify for a secured loan, one must give collateral, such as a house or a car. The collateral will serve as an insurance policy to the lender. If the individual who took out the loan cannot repay it, the collateral will be considered the payment for the loan. The title or deed of the collateralized item stays with the lender and will be returned as soon as the loan is paid back. Secured loans present lower financial risks to lenders because they are guaranteed by the collateral.

Unsecured Loan
Unsecured loans are not backed by any collateral. These unemployed loans are also called signature loans. The borrower is required to agree to and sign off on the terms of the loan. The terms will include payment schedules and the interest rates that apply to the loan. These loans are considered high risk for lenders because there is no collateral. The terms of unsecured loans are typically in favor of the lenders because of their high risk nature. Overall, the most common amounts for unsecured loans are between $100-$1,500. When compared to secured loans, the amount loaned is often lower.

Credit Card Advances
These types of loans are also occasionally referred to as a cash advances. Credit card advances are specific types of loans for unemployed people. The advances are taken out against the credit limits from particular credit cards. Instead of charging purchases to credit cards, cash is received. The interest starts as soon as cash advances are taken out, and the interest additionally does not depend on how quickly the credit card advances are paid back. The interest rates of credit card advances are often astounding, sometimes reaching as high as 20 percent of the total amount taken out on the credit card. Experts recommend considering this as a last resort regarding fast loans for the unemployed.

Home Equity Line of Credit
This is also called a HELOC loan and is a type of loan where the collateral is the equity in the borrower’s house. The borrower will not be given a lump sum amount. Instead, the borrower is given a maximum amount of credit which may be accessed whenever the situation warrants it. These loans are similar to credit cards, and the interest usually varies over time. HELOC loans are tax deductible and are also some of the most popular fast loans for unemployed people.

Special Unemployed Personal Loans
Aside from the loans mentioned earlier, there are also other specialized personal loans for the unemployed. People who are on unemployment can take advantage of these special loans.

Payday loans for unemployed individuals are also often classified as specialized personal loans for unemployed individuals. These loans provide a great way for people in times of financial crisis to get money, and approval for these loans usually goes through rather quickly so that people can get their money fast. Borrowers will be free to use the money in any manner they see fit. Individuals can also apply for same day loans so that they get the money on the same day they apply for it. Even a bad credit record will not affect this type of loan. The lender considers the borrower’s unemployment check a payday check. As long as a person qualifies for government compensation of some type, he should be eligible for loans such as these. People receiving social security benefits can also qualify for these loans.

Other types of special loans include bad credit loans for unemployed individuals. These loans are specifically designed for people who have bad credit scores. Even people with less than stellar credit reports can now get unemployed loans. With these loans, lenders normally don’t care too much about past credit history. However, before applying for this type of loan, reading and understanding the terms is a must. Comparing quotes before agreeing to the terms of a loan is important to ensure that making timely payments is possible. If payments are not timely, the loan amount could increase, and paying the loan back might become more difficult.

Regardless of which types of loans unemployed individuals sign up for, understanding the terms and conditions of all loans before signing on the dotted line is vital. Any questions or uncertainties regarding all loans should be asked before anything is signed. Most unemployed people are in such a rush to get cash that they sign up for anything even though they have little understanding of what they are signing up for. If there are things which are a little vague in the terms and conditions, they should be addressed right away. Shopping around and comparing quotes before agreeing to anything is a good idea. Researching potential lending companies and reading carefully through all feedback regarding these companies is also a must. There should be no doubt that the companies are not frauds. What do people have to say about them?

Unemployed individuals who are badly in need of cash tend to be easy targets for dishonest lenders. Being wise about the companies who offer loans and on the lookout for dishonest lenders should ensure that an individual can borrow the money he needs without fear of being taken advantage of.