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College students are busy and many do not have time for jobs; however, college students are poor and they probably need as much money as they can get. If you don’t have time for a job and you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, there are still things you can do for some extra cash. Having a steady job with a set amount of hours a week is a really hard thing to keep up with when you have a full schedule of classes to worry about. If you are looking for some extra dough, here are some ways to do it, without cutting too much time into your homework and class schedule.

1. Donate plasma

Plasma centers are really popular in college towns because these centers know that college students need the cash. Look online for plasma donating locations that are near you. Usually, plasma centers will pay you anywhere between 20 to 40 dollars. You can go up to two times a week and sometimes places pay more for the second time because you have to go twice in order for your plasma to be used. This is a great and easy way to get cash and it also goes to a great cause.

2. Odd jobs on Craigslist

There are always tons of job postings on Craigslist. From anything like doing hair or mowing lawns to marketing jobs or paid internships-Craigslist has it all. Look for odd jobs that you can do one time, or whenever you find time. Make sure that the job fits into your schedule and not the other way around.

3. Surveys

Lots of companies are in need of people to take surveys for them for research purposes. Often times, these companies are willing to pay. Look online for opportunities like this. The survey might only be as low as a dollar that you earn but if you do enough surveys, the money will definitely add up.

4. Buy and sell

I have known of people that buy furniture in boxes from IKEA, put it together and then sell it on eBay. You could try buying something, like new technology items that are in high demand, and then selling them to people who did not get theirs fast enough. There is a risk to doing something like this. You may lose money if people don’t buy the product like you thought they would.

5. Secret shopper

Many companies, like a retail store for example, will hire people to go into their store and do a sort of evaluation of it. I worked in retail and we were always nervous when we thought we were being secret shopped. Being a secret shopper would be a fun experience and you could choose when you were available to do it, which would not cut into your schedule.


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