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Payday loan debt assistance is always available to you as long as you work, are above a certain age and have a working bank account. The idea is you pay back the amount you borrowed on high interest. According to the Consumers Union on Payday Loans this interest can be at 911% for a one week loan, 456% for two, and 212% for a one month loan, which is pretty high. In fact it can be too high for most people who end up on the road to financial ruin. As the Consumers Union says, ‘Consumers who must borrow money this way are usually in desperate debt.’

A $4000 overnight loan may be your dream if you are looking for a personal loan for a holiday for example. However be careful before jumping in to believing the claims of some debt companies. Research them on the Better Business Bureau, internet forums and on the words of friends. It may not be worth getting into debt on a sudden whim. Saving up with a savings account may be a better option.

Short term business loans are loans needed in an emergency to pay off business commitments, perhaps for paying off the invoice of customers who have not paid yet but will pay sometime in the future. As soon as they pay back you will be expected to pay back the loan. These are good loans for businesses in an emergency only and are to be used as the last resort since frequent borrowing looks bad for the business.

Cash loans for people with terrible credit are available usually at higher interest rates. In cases of debt consolidation a cash loan may just perpetuate the problem and not solve it. A personal loan can be spread over up to 60 months, which is the equivalent of five years. Remember to factor in future possible financial commitments if choosing a long-term loan. If you are deep in debt a debt company may be able to help.