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It is an unfortunate truth that many people take out payday loans only to consolidate their debt on other payday loans. According to the Consumer Federation of America, payday loans are extremely expensive compared to other financial options like credit cards. For example, if you took a $300 advance on the average credit card repaid in one month it would cost you a $13.99 finance charge and an annual interest rate of almost 57%. A payday loan however will cost $17.50 in fees per $100 and if renewed one time $105 or 426% annual interest.

The average payday loan settlement lasts two weeks, but by this time some customers are unable to pay it back perhaps due to other financial commitments. The cost of ‘rolling over’ the payday loan is very high and almost ruining. Some people even believe that to take out a payday loan is to be on the path to financial ruin. If you know you definitely can pay it back and like the convenience this kind of loan can bring, (funds can be within your account in hours) then you may want to use this kind of loan once or twice, but usually never more times than that. A $5000 payday loan with the amounts of interest described above is likely to be a poor financial solution for example.

If borrowing a larger amount like a 10000 dollar loan with bad credit the loan is not going to be settled with a payday loan; the amount is too great. It is always likely to be secured on your home or car as it is such a large amount it needs collateral behind it. To get $10000 with bad credit is going to be difficult. Remember to check lenders against the Better Business Bureau as scam loan companies sometimes prey on those with bad credit on the look-out for loans and ask them for upfront fees, which is unlawful. Take your time researching companies on the web like on financial forums and ask friends for reviews.

A 2500 loan with bad credit may be easier to get hold of and can even be unsecured making it a suitable loan for tenants and those who do not own their own house. Note that interest rates will be higher for these kinds of loans so check first if there is another way you can improve your credit rating. Terrible credit personal loans may be appealing at first but it may be in your interest to save instead of borrow, or at least wait until you can improve your credit rating and apply for good credit rating personal loans, which have smaller rates of interest against them.