The equity on your home builds when your home accrues value and you have not used this value to fund anything else. You may then take out a home equity loans of the value accrued on your house. One benefit is that the interest charged is much lower than taking out personal loans or using credit cards and the loan is often used for unforeseen expenses like home improvement, student loans or tuition loans.

The no doc in home equity loan means the loaner only needs to see proof of the borrower’s income.  A no doc home equity loan is often granted to customers who need emergency money for a …

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I need a loan for $5000 and I own my own home. How does a home equity loan work?

The Federal Reserve defines a home equity loan as a type of second mortgage where your home serves as collateral. In this case, if you do not pay back your loan, you could lose your house. Usually, consumers get home equity loans for major items like education or medical bills. Lenders look at borrowers’ income, debts, credit history, and other financial obligations to determine how long it will take the borrower to repay the loan.

According to the International Business Times, more and more consumers are taking out home …

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